Credits (total earned) Player Alliance
25,517,854 Credits Fluffi112 is offline. Fluffi112 German Firefighters
24,935,747 Credits DerStefan321 is offline. DerStefan321 German Firefighters
24,110,650 Credits Pete_st180 is offline. Pete_st180 UK Emergency Response
23,458,399 Credits DannyCFO9011 is offline. DannyCFO9011 UK Emergency Services
8a819655-79be-48ae-a0a1-45b4fd26d880 22,842,831 Credits Ugliestlion342 is offline. Ugliestlion342 United Kingdom Fire & Rescue
22,252,220 Credits Aaron2690 is offline. Aaron2690 UK Emergency Response
22,006,702 Credits Trojan920 is offline. Trojan920 UK Fire and Rescue
20,941,623 Credits Caden is offline. Caden Uk Combined Emergency Services
19,771,064 Credits LewisD is offline. LewisD UK Emergency Response
19,548,727 Credits Jgs88 is offline. Jgs88 Scottish Emergency Services
19,237,188 Credits WilsonLFB is offline. WilsonLFB UK Emergency Dispatchers
Unbenannt 18,716,349 Credits Grisu is offline. Grisu the dark Fire
18,005,112 Credits VICFire is offline. VICFire 999 First Responders
17,976,405 Credits princessvamps is online. princessvamps UK Fire and Rescue
17,371,466 Credits beefcarrot is offline. beefcarrot London Central Alliance
17,264,458 Credits leel1981 is online. leel1981 Uk Combined Emergency Services
17,258,351 Credits Dodo29387 is offline. Dodo29387 London Fire Departments
15,990,399 Credits DonnyCol is offline. DonnyCol ECHO Emergency Response
15,959,710 Credits Koreil7 is online. Koreil7 England Emergency
15,877,769 Credits CVTS-Velocity is online. CVTS-Velocity