Credits (total earned) Player Alliance
F3ecdcf6-90c6-41b6-9a9f-c609b79068a0 17,023,246 Credits Neill1991 is offline. Neill1991 Uk 999
16,711,977 Credits Koreil7 is offline. Koreil7 England Emergency
Supercool 16,447,141 Credits MisterMadHH is offline. MisterMadHH German Firefighters
16,399,716 Credits Welshmedic99 is offline. Welshmedic99 UK Emergency Response
16,305,848 Credits Jordyboi2197 is offline. Jordyboi2197 UK Emergency Services
16,080,248 Credits M2FZ is offline. M2FZ Scottish Emergency Services
15,990,399 Credits DonnyCol is offline. DonnyCol ECHO Emergency Response
Index 15,910,559 Credits Mr_Kisper is offline. Mr_Kisper German Firefighters
15,372,846 Credits Leemar1 is offline. Leemar1 Yorkshire & Nat'l Emerg Serv.
15,121,129 Credits Brocki1973 is offline. Brocki1973 German Firefighters
14,913,728 Credits LimburgResist is offline. LimburgResist German Firefighters
14,462,333 Credits Frans is offline. Frans Alliance Belgium
14,354,899 Credits Thomas1321 is offline. Thomas1321 999 First Responders
14,269,420 Credits Pauleppppo is offline. Pauleppppo Uk Combined Emergency Services
13,980,638 Credits CSA is offline. CSA German Firefighters
13,809,212 Credits tmmgarf is offline. tmmgarf UK Emergency Services
13,704,345 Credits DSControl1 is offline. DSControl1 Hampshire fire and rescue
13,697,582 Credits McSchimmy is offline. McSchimmy Devon Fire and Rescue
13,620,275 Credits Monticles is offline. Monticles Blue Light Alliance
13,568,723 Credits Stu84 is offline. Stu84 999 First Responders