Credits (total earned) Player Alliance
5,757,972 Credits MarkHE is offline. MarkHE German Firefighters
5,710,835 Credits evilmunkey192 is offline. evilmunkey192 UK Emergency (Realistic)
5,704,753 Credits Jamie6404 is offline. Jamie6404 Uk Combined Emergency Services
47c8eed8-0cc7-45bc-8cb1-346ee161bef3 5,631,366 Credits Chris0370 is offline. Chris0370 UK Fire and Rescue
Uk-medical-final-512px 5,596,698 Credits DelMauriac is offline. DelMauriac UKMES
5,584,498 Credits Newbyoes is offline. Newbyoes Uk Combined Emergency Services
5,564,938 Credits MichelLiam is offline. MichelLiam MissionChief United
5,508,700 Credits Powerman67 is offline. Powerman67 Nee Naw UK
5,456,192 Credits Jewdecai is offline. Jewdecai Uk Combined Emergency Services
5,448,580 Credits Roosy23 is online. Roosy23 Scottish Emergency Services
5,409,062 Credits Rtuby is offline. Rtuby Uk Combined Emergency Services
5,406,634 Credits Wilde89 is offline. Wilde89 Uk Combined Emergency Services
5,334,809 Credits Dalechall997 is online. Dalechall997 Uk Combined Emergency Services
5,246,336 Credits dan1987 is offline. dan1987 UK Emergency Response
5,235,518 Credits ChiefRob is offline. ChiefRob Coventry UK
5,217,185 Credits Jason90 is offline. Jason90 MissionChief United
5,175,899 Credits azallen is offline. azallen 999 First Responders
5,171,067 Credits Shillam is offline. Shillam UK Fire and Rescue
5,151,402 Credits LUK is offline. LUK UK Emergency (Realistic)
5,136,782 Credits London112 is offline. London112 Uk Combined Emergency Services